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    flatex Bank AG is a FinTech Group AG company and services all banking operations within the group.


    Flatex Bank AG began its business operations on 1 December 2005 after the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) granted them a banking license. In its initial phase, the bank did business as the “biw Bank für Investments und Wertpapiere AG (biw AG)”. The bank’s registered office was located in the historic Haus Broich in Willich.

    In September 2007, the bank expanded its business operations and moved to two additional offices in Zwickau and Andernach. In April 2009, FIB Management AG and BankM opened a representative office of biw AG in Frankfurt am Main. On 1 April 2010, a branch of the biw AG opened in Vienna.

    On 1 January 2012, XCOM Finanz GmbH took over 100 percent of shares in biw AG and the bank was completely integrated into the group of the XCOM AG.

    At the end of 2013, biw AG and its sister company ViTrade GmbH developed their own online banking service, “brokerport”.

    In March 2015, FinTech Group AG acquired a majority interest in XCOM AG, and therefore indirectly in the bank biw AG and ViTrade GmbH as well.

    In 2016, the registered office was moved into the banking hub of Frankfurt am Main. In mid-June 2017, the bank was renamed FinTech Group Bank AG.

    Since March 2019, the former FinTech Group Bank AG has been named flatex Bank AG.

    The bank has operated profitably since its founding and has been growing steadily for years. As of 31 December 2018, flatex Bank AG serviced around 290,000 B2C customers and in 2018 processed around 12.5 million securities transactions.

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